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Figure 5

From: The impact of Toll-like-receptor-9 on intestinal microbiota composition and extra-intestinal sequelae in experimental Toxoplasma gondii induced ileitis

Figure 5

Flow cytometry analysis of lymphocyte populations in mesenteric lymph nodes following ileitis induction. Lymphocyte populations were isolated from mesenteric lymph nodes (MLN) derived from C57BL/6 wildtype (WT) and TLR-9 deficient (TLR-9-/-) mice before (naïve) and seven days following ileitis induction (ILE) and analyzed by flow cytometry. Frequencies of CD4+ cells producing IFN-γ (right panel), CD4+ CD3+ cells (left panel), as well as CD69+ CD4+ cells (middle panel), are indicated in representative FACS plots (in %). Data shown are representative for three independent experiments.

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