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Table 1 Basic information of the different regions (DRs) in HLJ039

From: Genomic characterization of a Helicobacter pylori isolate from a patient with gastric cancer in China

DR Start End Gene description
DR1 145736 180926 25 hypothetical proteins,VirB4, DNA topoisomerase I, ParA, Mobile element protein, First ORF in transposon ISC1904
DR2 618752 619703 Fucosyltransferase
DR3 740131 740654 Hypothetical protein
DR4 1200420 1202309 Hypothetical protein
    DNA-cytosine methyltransferase
DR5 1254233 1256053 Hypothetical protein
DR6 1335551 1337398 Type II m6A methylase (hinFIM)
DR7 1393932 1394805 Hypothetical protein
DR8 1443251 1445196 Type II DNA modification enzyme
    hypothetical protein
DR9 1484058 1484604 Hypothetical protein sharing 93% identity with a fragment of Helicobacter cinaedi ATCC BAA-847
DR10 1538060 1539662 Type IIG restriction and modification enzyme