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Fig. 5 | Gut Pathogens

Fig. 5

From: Differences in host breed and diet influence colonization by Campylobacter jejuni and induction of local immune responses in chicken

Fig. 5

Microbiota diversity. Microbiota diversity in caecum of broiler-type (BT) and layer-type (LT) birds fed with either broiler feed (bf) or layer feed (lf). UniFrac analysis followed by PCoA indicates variability in the caecal microbiota composition based on different feeding strategy (a, b) and genetic background (c, d). “con” = C. jejuni-free control, “C. jejuni” = C. jejuni-inoculated. (Figures were generated from raw data but when we produced the figures from normalized data, these were essentially the same. We therefore used maximal data available for each sample in this figure)

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