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Fig. 4 | Gut Pathogens

Fig. 4

From: Differences in amino acid frequency in CagA and VacA sequences of Helicobacter pylori distinguish gastric cancer from gastric MALT lymphoma

Fig. 4

Structural homology modeling of CagA. Three-dimensional structure of CagA derived from 09-294 (MALT lymphoma) was deduced by SWISS-MODEL [37, 38]. This model was constructed from the amino acid sequence of 09-294 from (residues 26F–819S), using 4dvy.1.A as a template. Domain I (26F–219F) is drawn in blue, Domain II (310G–638E) in yellow, and Domain III (644K–819S) in magenta. The arrow indicates the significant amino acid substitution 314S in MALT lymphoma, which is located in Domain II

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