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Fig. 4 | Gut Pathogens

Fig. 4

From: Interferon-γ promotes gastric lymphoid follicle formation but not gastritis in Helicobacter-infected BALB/c mice

Fig. 4

Chronic H. felis infection promoted mucosal inflammation and lymphoid cell formation in Ifng +/+ BALB/c mice when compared with uninfected animals. Gastric tissue sections from (a) uninfected and (b) H. felis-infected Ifng +/+ BALB/c mice. Small arrows show immune cells (mainly lymphocytes) present either in the (a) submucosa or (b) between the glands in the mucosal region. Massive immune cell infiltration of the submucosa (asterisk) and mucosal lymphoid cell formation (arrowhead) in an H. felis-infected mouse. Haematoxylin and Eosin stain; magnification ×10

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