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Table 1 List of 16 virulence factors screened in present study, categorized based on their association with Escherichia coli pathotypes

From: Antibiotic resistance, serogroups, virulence genes, and phylogenetic groups of Escherichia coli isolated from yaks with diarrhea in Qinghai Plateau, China

Pathotype Virulence factor categories Function
Adhesins Capsule synthesis Toxins
ExPEC sfa    S fimbriae (sialic acid-specific)
   cnf1 Cytotoxic necrotizing factor 1
papC    Pilus associated with pyelonephritis (P fimbriae)
   hlyA α-Hemolysin
  rfc   Lipopolysaccharide synthesis
sepA    Secreted serine protease of the auto-transporter family
EAEC etrA    Component of ETT2 type III secretion system
EIEC aer    Aerobatin
ETEC faeG    F4 fimbrial adhesion
fasAb    Fimbrial adhesion
   eltAb Heat-labile enterotoxin
   estAb Heat-stable enterotoxin
EPEC eaeAa    Intimin/attaching and effacing
   exhAa, b Enterohemolysin
EHEC eaeAa    Intimin/attaching and effacing
    exhAa,b Enterohemolysin
  1. aIndicates genes shared by more than one E. coli pathotype
  2. bIndicates none of the isolates were positive for these genes