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Table 3 Distribution of MICs of antibiotics among various Lactobacillus species of chicken origin

From: Assessment of antibiotic susceptibility in Lactobacillus isolates from chickens

  1. Fragments highlighted in grey indicate MIC cut-off values (μg/ml) proposed by the EFSA [9], and strips highlighted in grey (for doxycycline, tylosin, lincomycin, tiamulin and enrofloxacin) indicate MIC cut-off values proposed by us. The number of strains carrying the gene in question is given in brackets after the name of the gene. The absence of any number following the name of the gene means that all isolates contain the gene; tet*= tetM or tetL or tetW; bif*= aac(6')-Ie-aph(2")-Ia ; ant6Ia*= ant(6)-Ia; aph2Ic*= aph(2”)-Ic