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Fig. 4

From: Rapid Isolation of intact Salmonella-containing vacuoles using paramagnetic nanoparticles

Fig. 4

Co-localization studies. Wild-type Salmonella expressing GFP (green) were used to infect THP-1 macrophage cells grown on coverslips at a multiplicity of infection (MOI) of 5. The monolayers were fixed 10 min post infection, and Rab5 association determined at and after 6 h and to detect bacterial association with LAMP-1 and LIMP-II. a Green, GFP-expressing bacteria co-localized with both Rab5 (red) and LAMP-1 (red), but not with LIMP-II (red), indicating that Salmonella is present within an SCV and not lysosomes. b Co-localization of intracellular Salmonella with both Rab5 and LAMP-1 were also quantified using the Velocity quantification software. The images shown are a representative of at least 25 individual cells per condition performed in duplicates on at least three independent occasions

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