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Table 6 Characterization of colistin-resistant and carbapenemase-producing E. coli isolates

From: Antimicrobial resistance in Enterobacteriaceae from healthy broilers in Egypt: emergence of colistin-resistant and extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli

Isolate Governorate Farm O-antigen H-antigen Resistance genes Virulence genes Phenotypic resistance mcr-1 MIC value ESBL Carbapenemase
16CS0744 Dakahliya 9 51 sul3, dfrA1, dfrA14, tetA, cmlA1, aadA1, aphA, mphA, mrx, blaCMY, blaTEM cma, hemL, intl1, iroN CIP, T/S, TET, RAM, GEN, STR, ERY, PEN, AMP, CAZ + ≥ 4 Positive Negative
16CS0078 Dakahliya 16/2 4 sul2, dfrA14, tetA, strB hemL, intl1, iss T/S, TET, RAM, STR, ERY, PEN + ≥ 6 nd by VITEK nd by VITEK
16CS0075 Kafr El-Sheikh 9 51 sul3, cmlA1, floR, aadA1, aphA, mphA, blaTEM cma, hemL, intl1, iroN, iss CIP, TET, CMP, RAM, GEN, STR, ERY, PEN + ≥ 32 Negative Negative
16CS0775 Damietta 4 4 pic, vat, cma, hlyE, mchF, hemL, ireA, iroN, iss TET, RAM, ERY, PEN + ≥ 6 nd by VITEK nd by VITEK
16CS0036 Damietta 6 21 hemL RAM, ERY, PEN, AMC + ≥ 4 nd by VITEK nd by VITEK
16CS0747 Gharbiya 4 32 qnrS, sul3, tetA, cmlA1, floR, arr, aadA1, blaOXA-7, blaSHV, blaTEM hemL, intl1, ireA T/S, TET, CMP, RAM, GEN, STR, ERY, PEN AMP, CAZ nd Positive Positive