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Table 2 Features of the studied colistin resistant and susceptible K. pneumoniae isolated from poultry

From: Prevalence and molecular determinants of colistin resistance among commensal Enterobacteriaceae isolated from poultry in northwest of Iran

Isolate ID Col MIC (mg/L) Origin Year of isolation City MgrB PmrB CrrA CrrB Sequence type AMR
K135 > 128 Dead broiler 2017 Sardrud WT R256G A83V WT ST11 D, CIP, LVX, GMa
K313 128 Dead broiler 2018 Marand Insertion of IS1-like between + 116, + 117 R256G WT K325R ST485 D, CIP, LVX
K315 > 128 Dead broiler 2018 Marand Q30STOP R256G WT S195N, I27V ST3380 D
K513 > 128 Dead turkey 2018 Ajabshir Insertion of IS3-like between + 112, + 113 R256G WT F303S, I27V ST37 D, GMa, CIP, LVX
K24 > 128 Healthy broiler 2018 Malekan L8STOP,∆c25 WT WT WT ST525 D, CIP, LVX
K109 > 128 Healthy broiler 2018 Marand Insertion of IS5-like between + 74, + 75 R256G WT WT ST11 D, GM, CIP, LVX
K145 > 128 Healthy broiler 2018 Malekan C16STOP R256G WT T150R ST726 D, GM, LVX, CIP, FOS
K460 64 Healthy broiler 2018 Bostanabad Insertion of IS3-like between + 134, + 135 A246T WT WT ST74 Non
K510 128 Healthy broiler 2018 Bostanabad Q30STOP R256G WT WT ST726 D, GM, CIP, LVX
K79S 0.25 Healthy broiler 2018 Hashtroud WT R256G WT WT ND D, CIP, LVX, FOS
K79R1c > 128 mgrB locusb
K79R2c 64
K113S 1 Healthy broiler 2018 Bostanabad WT WT WT K325R ND D
K113Rc 32 T93N
  1. D doxycycline, CIP ciprofloxacin, LVX levofloxacin, GM gentamicin, FOS fosfomycin, WT wild type, ND not determined, AMR antimicrobial resistance profile
  2. (–) Characteristics similar to progenitor ColS isolate
  3. aIntermediate susceptibility
  4. bmgrB locus, not amplifiable with all primers used in this study
  5. cLaboratory induced ColR isolate