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Table 1 Logistic regression modeling showing the relationship between a positive result for infection and the hospital and acquisition of infection

From: High frequency of toxigenic Clostridium difficile and Clostridium perfringens coinfection among diarrheic patients at health care facility-onset (HCFO) and community-onset (CO) centers in Bogotá, Colombia

  C. perfringens infection C. difficile infection Toxigenic C. difficile infection
AdOR [95% CI] p AdOR [95% CI] p AdOR [95% CI] p
Health care center
 HCC-1 Reference   Reference   Reference  
 HCC-2 0.50 [0.17–1.45] 0.206 0.59 [0.26–1.34] 0.208 0.14 [0.040.46] 0.001
 HCFO Reference   Reference   Reference  
 CO 2.69 [1.355.35] 0.005 0.76 [0.40–1.44] 0.413 1.98 [0.66–5.94] 0.221
  1. Adjusted OR by population and health-care center
  2. Italic values indicate significance of p value