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Table 1 Genomic nucleotide content and gene counts

From: Whole-genome sequence assembly of Pediococcus pentosaceus LI05 (CGMCC 7049) from the human gastrointestinal tract and comparative analysis with representative sequences from three food-borne strains

Attribute Genome (total)
  Value % of totala
Size (bp) 1,751,578  
G?+?C content (bp) 653,105 37.29
Coding region (bp) 1,457,159 83.19
Total genesb 1,638  
RNA genes 53 3.24
Protein-coding genes 1,555 94.93
Genes assigned to COGs 1,321 84.95
Genes with signal peptides 29 1.86
Genes with transmembrane helices 492 31.64
  1. a)The total is based either on the size of the genome in base pairs or the total number of protein-coding genes in the annotated genome.
  2. b)Also includes 35 other genes.