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Table 2 The pathogenicity islands and the functions encoded

From: Virulence factors, prevalence and potential transmission of extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from different sources: recent reports

Pathogenicity islands or gene Products
Pathogenicity islands
IICFT073 P fimbriae, iron-regulated proteins
I536 α-Hemolysin, F-17-like fimbriae, CS12-like fimbriae
II536 Hek adhesin, P- related fimbriae, α-Hemolysin, hemagglutinin-like adhesion
III536 S fimbriae, salmochelin, HmuR-like heme receptor, Sat toxin, Tsh-like hemoglobin protease, antigen 43
IV536 Yersiniabactin siderophore system
IIJ96 α-Hemolysin, Prs fimbriae, cytotoxic, necrotizing factor
Virulence associated genes
malX Maltose- and glucose-specific component IIa of a phosphoenolpuryvate-dependent phosphotransferase system
usp Putative bacteriocin